About Us

A message from Brad Collicutt, IAFF Local 1298 President

Welcome to the Powell River Professional Fire Fighters Association’s website.

We are 16 members of the International Association of Fire Fighters that encompass chartered local number 1298. The IAFF, is the driving force behind nearly every advance in fire and emergency services since the early 20th century to present. Based in more than 3,500 communities through out Canada and the United States, we strive to protect not only our own members, but most importantly the public we serve. This translates to representing more than 325,000 fire fighters and emergency personnel who protect 85% of North America’s population.  I trust that you will find our website informative and a great learning tool to better understand how we as fire fighters strive to better protect the citizens of our community. We continually make every effort to provide the best possible service with the resources that have been made available to us. We have gathered information for you that is not only factual, but affects every citizen and every emergency call we respond to 24 hours a day.

Our history is unprecedented, and when it comes to lobbying for your safety, we as the IAFF will always be on the front line for you! For more information about our association please visit www.iaff.org

Stay Safe!

Brad Collicutt

Who we are:

We are Powell River’s career fire fighters. As full time fire fighters we take pride in our job, working hard and promoting safety to all citizens. We are committed to saving lives, protecting property and the environment whenever called upon.

We staff the station 24 hours a day allowing a quick response time when seconds count.  There are 15 fire fighters (+1 public educator/office coordinator) which works out to either four or three, or sometimes two fire fighters on shift at one time.

We provide fire protection, medical aid, rescue services, and hazardous materials response. Some of the other services we provide include performing fire inspections, fire extinguisher demos, smoke detector installations for senior citizens, and child seat restraint inspections.

While off duty, we support various charities, such as: the BC Professional Fire Fighter Burn Fund, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada, the Fire Safety House Program and work with our own charitable society to help other charities and increase care and the chance of survival for citizens in our community.

We work hard to prepare ourselves for any emergency during which we may be called upon for help. We are committed to stand up for the safety of the citizens of Powell River and greatly appreciate your support. Thank you!

2016 Local 1298 members